Now You Can Create An Automated Recurring Income With Our Easy To Use PHP Membership System – SimpleMemberPRO™

Just A Few Of SimpleMemberPRO™’s Features:



Instant Digital
Product Delivery


Free & Paid
Membership Modes

Easy To

Built In
Affiliate System

Give-Away Event

Discount Coupons

Built In Page Creator

Optional JV Partner

Sell Full Memberships
or Single Products

Integrates With
Aweber & GetResponse

Email All Members
From Admin Panel…

…Or Just Email Specific
Product Owners

One-Time Offers

Install On Your Own
Web Server

Uses Linux, PHP and MySQL

Works With Most
Web Hosting Providers


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Introducing DEO Digital’s SimpleMemberPRO™…

Sell Your Own Guides, Tutorials, Software and ANY Digital Product Using Our Powerful Web Software!

Ever considered turning your hobby or knowledge in to a business? Like the idea of doing something once and getting paid over and over again for it? Then read on.

Imagine, just 5 minutes from now you are going to be very excited. Because you will discover how a tool called SimpleMemberPRO™ turns on a stream of money that continues to flow month after month, after month.

You’ve been looking for something like this, haven’t you?

You are going to want to use this program to help you generate more money than you ever dreamed of making on the Internet.

You need to invest 5 minutes into reading the information below. I’ve made it very easy for you to generate wealth, and that’s what you want to do. So just read.

“Work once and get paid over and over again. That’s the secret to earning real money on the Internet.”

If you’re selling one-time products, you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn a single purchase into repeat business that pays you over and over again.

Read this below…

Tell me. Which of these sounds like a better deal to you?

1. You sell an E-Book to a customer for $19.95. You earn: $19.95 one time.

2. You sell a membership to your E-Book site for $19.95 per month and you keep earning $19.95 per month for as long as that person remains a member.

Suppose you have 400 paying members at $19.95 per month? You earn $95,600!

What if you have more? What if your membership fee was $29.95 per month? What if it were $49.95 per month?

There is virtually NO LIMIT to the earnings a membership site offers.

And now, because you have access to SimpleMemberPRO™, there is no reason NOT to have your own membership site.

It’s Plug-And-Play Easy! I’ll prove it to you…

This is true: It isn’t any harder to earn $95,600 in membership revenues than it is to earn $19.95 per sale for one-time sales. In fact, it’s EASIER.

You must read this to discover why…

Membership sites are recurring revenue machines that multiply your efforts without multiplying your work.

You simply create your products (or resell any of the tens of thousands of available Private Label Resale (PLR) products to a membership base that practically grows by itself.

How does a membership site “practically grow by itself?”

Oh, that’s the easy part.

You see, SimpleMemberPRO™ is the premier plug-and-play instant membership site software.

It saves you from having to work your butt off to make a few lousy dollars by transforming any web site into a recurring income membership site where happy paying customers gladly recruit other paying customers, who recruit other paying customers — and on and on and on.

You probably already know about affiliate programs. You may have even joined a membership site or two after an affiliate brought the site to your attention.

SimpleMemberPRO™ comes with a built-in affiliate program that makes recruiting and paying affiliates to build your business nearly effortless.

You’ve always wanted to own a membership site but you thought it was too much work. Now you are going to discover how easy it really is and you’ll want one for your own.

I want to show you how many different ways you can use SimpleMemberPRO™’s recurring membership model to line your pockets with serious income. But first, you NEED to know this…

The hardest part about building a recurring membership site used to be finding, installing and configuring the correct software.

Top quality membership scripts, the ones that have ALL of the features you need to provide a quality user experience, can run into the thousands of dollars.

And they can be very challenging to install, configure and administer. In fact, most marketers hire a software specialist to do the job for them. And they go back to that specialist every time they need the slightest change.

But once you find the right script, and you struggle through the complex technology of getting everything just right, the rewards make all of the up front investment of time and money worthwhile.

STOP! Read This Now…

All of that USED to be the story for people who wanted to cash in on owning a membership site, but that’s all changed now.

Introducing: SimpleMemberPRO™. The Plug-And-Play Instant Membership Site That Has ALL The Features You Could Ever Want For Just $37.00.


And it’s so easy to install and configure you can do it yourself!

I’m telling you this right now because I want you to be able to read on about the different ways you can fill your bank account with recurring income without you thinking “yeah, but I don’t know a thing about membership site software. I’ll never be able to do this.”

You don’t have to know a thing about membership site software. You can do this and you want to. You just need to get your own copy of SimpleMemberPRO™ for just $37.00.

You can get SimpleMemberPRO™ right now and start earning money the way serious marketers do. You want that to happen.

SimpleMemberPRO™ takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is load it up with your products and you’re in the membership site business.

People are going to be very proud of you when you make the right decision to start your own membership site using SimpleMemberPRO™.

Just Look At What You Get:

Easy To Install1439561405_telegram

An easy-to-install membership script that anyone can add to their web site in a few minutes. Full Installion and users guides included.

Built-in Connectivity To PayPal1439561405_telegram

Membership fees automatically flow into your account month, after month, after month.

Built-in Affiliate Program1439561405_telegram

So your members will get excited about referring new members and work hard to build your business for you.

Instant Digital Product Delivery1439561405_telegram

(I’ll share a secret with you about how to use SimpleMemberPRO™ to build a huge mailing list even if you only have 1 product to sell right now.)

Support for Free Memberships1439561405_telegram

(a very clever way to make money — I’ll explain it later on this page.)

Give Away Event Mode1439561405_telegram

Support for those blockbuster Give Away Events that all of the really successful marketers use to build their mailing lists.

Multiple Auto Responder Integration1439561405_telegram

Your buyers Awe can be automatically added to yourber, GetResponse or ProSender lists. Or…

Admin Mass Email Function1439561405_telegram

Save money on 3rd party emailing solutions. From within the admin control panel, you can send a personalised email to all members, all free members, all paid members or just members who purchased a specific product or membership!

Real One Time Offers1439561405_telegram

OTOs that build back end revenue quickly and easily. Now with Multiple OTOs.

WYSIWG or Your Own HTML1439561405_telegram

The admin panel contains a powerful WYSIWYG Editor so you can create your pages directly from the admin area, or turn the editor off and design your pages outside of the software and just copy and paste the html code in.

Discount Coupon Codes1439561405_telegram

Create expiring “Buy It Now And Save” special offers, or offer discounts to targeted groups of people from your own or Joint Venture partner programs.

Support for Joint Venture Offers1439561405_telegram

By offering higher commission rates and allowing bonus uploads for your JV partners only, you can attract those marketers with the really big lists that can drive thousands of new members to your site.

Don’t Wait To Start Working Smart.
You Want To Earn More Money And You Know That SimpleMemberPRO™ Is The Way To Do It.

Easy To Use Online Installer

Follow the step by step online installer to easily create your first membership site. Free FTP Software included, just create your MySQL database and follow the instructions.

Comprehensive Admin Menu

From the admin panel you can add memberships & products, track sales, pay affiliates, add & remove members and so much more…

Instantly Deliver Your Digital Content

Whether you are selling a single PDF report, a full blown multi-media course, software, music or any digital product whatsoever, SimpleMemberPro will take and verify the payment and instantly deliver all of your content in a secure Member Portal.

Boost Sales With Affiliates

All your customers can earn commision by promoting YOUR products via their own affiliate link. You can even attract JV Partners or Super Affiliates, by offering a higher commision rate and allowing them to add bonus products and their own text adds within the member portal!

Email Your Customers

Use the built in mass-email feature to keep in touch with your customers. Using an array of special tags such as first name, last name, email address and username etc, you can send one email that will be personalised for each of it’s recipients. You can also choose to send to all members or just those who purchased certain products or memberships. Think of the marketing possibilities and the money you can save by not paying for expensive 3rd party mailing solutions!

SimpleMemberPRO™ – Single Domain Licence $37

Use SimpleMemberPRO™ to Create Your Own "Set and Forget" Online Business With The Following Simple Steps:

1. Register a web address, add hosting and install SimpleMemberPRO™.

2. Save your knowledge on any subject to a pdf, eBook or video. This is your new product – you will be amazed how many people are prepared to pay to learn what you know!

3. Upload your new product to SimpleMemberPRO™ and create a sales page. Choose whether to offer as a one off payment or a monthly subscription, where you release new content each month.

4. Create a sales page within SimpleMemberPRO™ and bang, your online business is now live. Don’t underprice your product either, have faith in what you have created!

5. Promote your sales page and get other people (affiliates) to promote your business for you.

6. Sit back, collect your payments and allow SimpleMemberPRO™ to deliver your products to buyers, automatically once their payments have been verified!

7. Rinse and repeat steps 2-6!

Single Site Licence$37

  • Use on one single site either for yourself or a client
  • Full software version
  • Immediate download

Developer Licence$297

  • Unlimited sites both for yourself and for your clients
  • Full software version
  • Immediate download


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